Munsee Meats has served commercial clients across Indiana with quality products and outstanding service.

As Indiana’s premier foodservice provider, you can expect
  • Meat cut fresh daily according to customer’s specifications
  • An extensive line of frozen products and fresh CVP fryers
  • Quality control under U.S.D.A. Federal inspection
  • Friendly & experienced sales staff
  • On-time delivery to your door
All meat products entering the plant have already passed USDA Federal Inspection. Including the in-house inspection, all meat products are twice inspected by the USDA before reaching customers. All packaging materials, processing equipment, and cleaning solutions must be accepted by the USDA. Quality, portion-controlled cuts of meat are processed in the plant under daily USDA inspection to the specifications of customers and NAMP Meat Buyers Guide. Each order is weighed and double-checked before delivery to help uphold unmatched quality standards.
Munsee Meats is a member of Golbon, America’s premier food service marketing group, and we are proud to be under Total Quality Control of USDA Federal Inspection.

Our Customers:









We serve commercial customers from Indianapolis to Ft. Wayne and all areas in between from our plant in Muncie Indiana. If you have ever eaten a meal in the state of Indiana, rest assured you have likely had Munsee Meats! Our customers include schools, universities, nursing facilities, hotels, hospitals, caterers, restaurants bars, and some of the most award-winning steak houses, drive-ins, ice-cream shops, and pizza restaurants in the Midwest! And if you are wondering, some of the customers over the years have also included prisons and jails, so yes, we have even been the last meal of choice for an unfortunate few.

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